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Tips On What To Do Immediately After An Injury

Serious injuries need urgent care. Inability to stand or walk, loss of consciousness, etc. require prompt medical attention.
Open cuts:
  • Hold compression for two minutes.
  • Moderate to large cuts may require stitches or debridement (cleaning)
Non-emergency issues respond to R. I. C. E.
Rest – may require walking aid, brace, etc.
Ice – localized ice massage, ice bucket, cold packs
Compression – Ace wrap, compression hose, sleeves
Elevation – try to place affected area higher than your heart. Lie down, place hand/foot on pillows. This helps to drain the swelling and remove some of the pressure from the area.
Keep ice in your freezer;
  • Fill small 3 to 5 ounce paper cups 3/4 full and place in freezer.
  • When frozen remove top half of paper, leaving bottom half of paper on cup, this will help to avoid freezing your fingers.
When in doubt call 911 or proceed to urgent care or fire station.

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