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It is Important to Know How Long to Hold 4 Basic Stretches

  1. Quick stretch increases circulation and warms up the muscle. Soccer players will perform high knee lifts and butt kicks to warm up muscles before play.
  2. Low duration stretch is a 10 to 60 second hold which will primarily stretch the muscle belly or “meat” of the muscle.
  3. Moderate duration stretch is a 90 to 120 second stretch addresses tendons, ligaments, fascia, artery and veins.
  4.  Long duration stretch is 3 to 5 minute sustained hold which addresses tendons, ligaments, fascia, artery and veins and also your nerves.
Before exercise or participating in sports quick and low duration stretches are common. Moderate and long duration stretches should be performed after sport/exercise as you have made a small change in your ligaments and tendons

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